HD Digital Video, 15 mins, 2014.

‘67’ is a short film by Halifax media artist and director David Clark. Shot in Montreal – mostly on the islands of the former Expo 67 site – this atmospheric and contemplative film introduces a nameless character (perhaps a ghost) returning to Montreal in a melancholic mood where he remembers how a summer in Montreal during Expo 67 changed his life.

This film was shot as part of a larger research project examining the legacy of Expo 67 on the history of Canadian Cinema. The film makes reference to the 1964 Canadian Experimental film ’21-87’ by Arthur Lipsett that famously influenced the young George Lucas to conceptualize ‘the force’ for his Star Wars films.

The film was shot with long lingering takes and edited to the rhythms of abstract modern music. The film marries existential and sentimental themes with the aesthetics of modernism we have inherited from the legacy of the 1960s.

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