The Cinema of Sweat


HD Video, 20 mins, 2015

The Cinema of Sweat is a series of ten experimental video made from footage I shot over the last number of years in Berlin, New York, Rome, the Carrara Marble Mines in Italy, and Canada as well as some found footage. Some of the images were recorded with a very glitchy iPhone app that lead me to imagine an ‘ontocinematic apparatus’; a camera that would allow you to see into parallel worlds. I imagine this work as an instructional video from an institution called ‘The Copenhagen Interpretation Centre’ that examines the possibility that there exists a technology that will allow us to observe the multiverse. It is an absurdist reflection on the ontological status of our world of images.

The narrator speaks in a pseudo-philosophical language accompanied by a montage of videos illustrating the propositions and assertions of the absurdist text. The work alludes to the kinds of slippages and half-understandings that can emerge from encounter with an expert language and has the quality of the dream you might have as you fall asleep at the keynote speech at a conference on Quantum Mechanics.

This video is in ten parts:

  1. Perfect Light
  2. What Kind of Beautiful?
  3. The Light Touch
  4. Removing the Thing from the Object
  5. The Thing Becomes the Image
  6. The Image Becomes Meaning
  7. The Appearance of Real Objects
  8. There is No Such Thing as the Real Thing
  9. Counterfactual Decoherence
  10. The Clown

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FILE2016, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Experiments in Cinema v11.4, Albuquerque, New Mexico. 2016

15th International Video Festival Videomedeja, Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina, Novi Sad, Serbia. 2015

Super 9 Mobile Film Festival, 2015

Smartphone Film Festival, Halifax (Winner Second Prize), 2015