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  1. Noemi Montanaro Says:

    Dear Professor Clark,

    I am a student at the University of Naples, Italy, from where I am going to write my final report for a degree in Applied Linguistics and Foreign Languages.

    I was given a proposal to work on e-literature which I found incredibly interesting and innovative.
    I surfed on the net and found some of the Flash-works concerning the subject all referred to your research.

    I am contacting you hoping to have some suggestions on how to proceed with my work which could grant me a very good grade after my four-year courses.
    In particular the main aspect of my research is referred to “#36 – Vulpecula (the introduction and Twin Towers)” for which I would like to know if there are any publications or scripts I could read.

    Furthermore may I ask you to suggest any texts containing the basic elements of e-literature as I would like to find some of the aspect which may still be considered “dark aspects” requiring deeper investigations.

    Looking forward to reading from you

    My best regards
    Noemi Montanaro
    +39 3385854789

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