Nothing to See Here is a program of experimental spoken word radio produced at NSCAD University and broadcast weekly on CKDU (88.1FM) in Halifax.

The program began in 2016 in regular weekly recording sessions. Participants experimented with a variety of improvisational techniques and the form of the show started to take shape. The first few episodes were based on interviews and improvised radio drama that were designed to sustain a ‘premise’ that determined the theme of the show. Soon regular participants and guests began to write material and the show evolved from episode to episode without a particular formula for how the explorations would materialize.
The show has evolved to explore many aspects of spoken word radio.  A core group has been involved in many of the show and regularly contribute while many others have made appearances and contributed to the show (including the cleaners in the building who stumble upon the nocturnal recording sessions and often join in.)

All the episodes are available here at:
Mark Hines, Rafael MacDonald, Maeve Mulroy, Jessica MacDonald, Nathan Wilson, Hesam Hanif, Gemma Leslie, Harrison Brooks, Allanna Ward, Scott Kedy, Oscar Campbell, Alexander Robia, Nick Owen, Thomas Doucette, Lara Lewis, Ian Matheson, Olivia King, Mark David Stewart, Hoofcarver, Emma Allain, William Brewer, Chloe Elgie, Seamus Gallagher, Lauren Hodder, Mary Labonte, Zejie Lin, Blossom Mendoza, Adam Nearing, Gabrielle Palaric-Skinner, Lucy Pauker, Petra Seglins, Haiyi Wang, Ariel Bates, Oliver Nicol, Camila Salcedo Guevara, Mitch Weibe (Soaking Up Jagged), Michael Fernandes, Maureen Waithaka, Benjamin Muriithi, Margaret Naboi (Vanakaku), Undine Foulds, Colin Moore, Jacob Berney, Aislinn Duguid, Eric Duplessis, Jon Everett, Mel MacKay, Heather Reid, Ash MacDonald, Carmen Lee, Chun Shing, Santayana Li, Au, Oshean Juneja, Colin deFreitas, Karin Jones, Kenova, Donna Stonecipher, Anna Meadowside, Felicity MacIssac, Zach Crow, Sidath Rankaduwa, Ömercan Duna, Sandra Epir, Piper O'Neil-Doak, Nora Saulnier, Mélisandre Schofield, Kazumichi Nakashima, Jeremy Early, Lelland Reed, Michael Day, Lucien Easton, Nicola Cirtwell, Lil MacDonald, Ross Unger, and David Clark.
Mixed by David Clark, Harrison Brooks and Aidan McMahon
Produced by David Clark at NSCAD University, Halifax.
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