Sixes and Sevens, 3 Channel Video, 2016

The Cinema of Sweat, 3 Channel Video, 2016

Atom Paintings, 2018

Bodies of Water, Video (w/ Nick Rudnicki), 2011

Every Time You Look Around (w/Kim Morgan), 2011

Touch and Go (w/Computer Says No), 2007

Ulysses 101, net.art, 2006

Enola Gay/Mother, Installation, 2006

Riddled with the Slinx (w/Pascale Malaterre), 2003

GaGe, Installation, 1997

States of Matter/Matters of State, Installation, 1997

For the Time Being, Video, 2010

Meanwhile, (w/Computer Says No), Interactive Video, 2006

Periodic Table Work

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