This project is a collaboration between Marina Roy, David Clark, and Graham Meisner. This encyclopedic interactive website revolves around the letter X and it’s multiple meanings in our culture. This piece is a digital extension of Marina Roy’s book: “Sign after the X______”. The music is by Graham Meisner and the animation and images are by David Clark.

This work examines how the letter X became part of Western languages and how it has been used as a cipher for otherness and the unknown. As a survey of meanings and histories, it looks at how the letter X has influenced the realms of law, psychoanalysis, medicine, technology, geography, and linguistics. The letter X is one of the most simple of graphic gestures and yet it has a complex history and mysterious presence in our language. The letter X censors, alludes to, stands in for, is a substitute for. This piece allows the viewer to browse through the associations and dense theoretical ideas that have become attached to this letter. The piece consists of many interactive animated collages with voiceovers and music creating a rich and strange interactive experience for the viewer.

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